The solution for an evolving society

Created in close collaboration with the professionals on the field, Salonkee is the first and the most complete salon-management software for Luxembourg and the 'Grande Région'

Salonkee will cover your most desired needs and remain, at the same time, a user-friendly platform which will help you as a salon owner, as well as your employees and clients.

We are proud to offer you a complete tool that will allow an intuitive, easy and efficient handling of all your salon-management tasks.

Salonkee gives you the possibility to focus on what you're good at - more time for your clients means more opportunities for you!

Your page on

More visibility

Needless to say, Internet marketing has become a major field of interest in the last few years. Just imagine the market potential your very personal salon page could reach on Salonkee. Being visible is a great part of being successful.

Your internet site - personalized.

Nowadays, owning your internet website has become an important and very personal digital business card - Salonkee gives you the liberty to add your pictures, describe your services and present them as you like. It's your storefront, create something nice!

Build your reputation - one review at a time

Happy clients? Let them share their experience right on your page - an advanced review system will surely promote your business well beyond your current loyal customer group.

Right where you should be - at the top!

Salonkee makes it possible to be ranked high up in Search Engine results. Visibility is guaranteed (

Online Booking

Because your time is precious

Online bookings will be added automatically to your digital calendar - less time spent on the phone means more time dedicated to your customers present in your salon.

Total Availability

Let your clients book from whereever they are, whenever they want and how they want! With Salonkee, you are available 24/7

Let the client see ALL your services

Fear not: even though visible on the site, all your services that need customization to specific clients will be bookable in the traditional way - you remain in absolute control of your services.

No-shows? No headaches!

24 hours before the appointment, your clients will be reminded by sms and email - if they can't make it to their appointment, they will be able to cancel it online. There you go, a time slot freed up for a new client.

Keenect - Your personal management tool connected to

Say hello to your intelligent calendar

Every online booking will be added automatically to your digital calendar. Stay assured - every other booking can be easily added by you and your staff in just a few clicks.

Adapted to YOUR needs. Not the other way around,

We know that every salon has it's very specific needs and demands. That why Salonkee is a 100% adaptable tool.

Keep track of your valuable clients

A database that is automatically updated with your clients' information; that's Salonkee. All kind of information -from their booking history up to notes about their last haircut. Everything is at hand, well presented and organised.

An overview of all your commercial operations

Statistiques are automatically being created based on the information stored in your calendar. Insight and intelligence help you understand your clients' needs and demands. A graphical overview of all your activities right in front of your eyes make it easier to tailor your offerings for your customers

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